5 Minute DevOps: Optimizing Human Resources

Human resources: people as cogs

Optimizing Development Resources

Speed to Resolution


Development Outcomes

  • Staff Engineers focused on the tactical work of closing issues rather than the work of helping set technical direction, growing their replacements, looking for ways to improve overall operability and maintainability of the application, and ensuring general technical excellence on the team.
  • Work in progress increased because reviewing someone else’s code didn’t help you make your numbers.
  • Answering questions and helping others reflected negatively on your numbers.

Operations Outcomes

  • The drive to close tickets disincentivized understanding and correcting root causes.
  • Many common support requests for access or system configuration could have been automated and made self-service, but automating them would have taken time away from closing tickets.
  • Tickets were closed without full resolutions. Customers could always open another ticket.
  • Helping someone close a ticket had a negative impact on the person providing the help. Questions were discouraged.
Arrows missing target

What to Manage?



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Bryan Finster

Bryan Finster

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