5 Minute DevOps: SAFe Isn’t

Bubble wrapped chiled

Fake Improvement

Things SAFe Apologists Say

“I’m sorry you had a bad experience. It sounds like SAFe wasn’t implemented properly in your organization.”

“What you experienced was just ‘shu’, the learning stage. As your organization learns, you are expected to move on to ‘ha’ and then finally to ‘ri’ when you master it and stop using the framework when you find that the framework is too restrictive!”

“People bashing SAFe are just trying to get attention because it’s trendy to bash SAFe.”

“SAFe is like a recipe book. You just pick the recipes you need!”

“There are some really good things in SAFe”


“Ah, but have you tried LeSS?! LeSS will fix it!”



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Bryan Finster

Bryan Finster

Developer, Value Stream Architect, and DevOps insurgent who optimizes for sleep. All opinions are my own. https://bryanfinster.com