• Preston Gibbs

    Preston Gibbs

    Software Developer and US Coast Guard Veteran who’s passionate about CI/CD and scaling it while building Walmart’s DevOps Dojo.

  • #DOES19 Las Vegas

    #DOES19 Las Vegas

    We believe in helping leaders of large, complex organizations implement #DevOps principles and practices: #DOES19

  • Jeffery Moore

    Jeffery Moore

  • Praful Shah

    Praful Shah

    23 years IT Professional as Enterprise Architect/ AI Enabler/DevOPS Team Manager /Full Stack Developer/Manage Cloud & On Prime DR Practices with Security .

  • Suleiman Ali

    Suleiman Ali

    Tech Consultant by day, even a bigger nerd by night. Interested in Cloud, Data, DevOps and Systems Security.

  • Kavita Nambissan Ganguli

    Kavita Nambissan Ganguli

    Full Stack Developer / ML Rookie

  • Rob Mansfield

    Rob Mansfield

  • lobs


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